Fibreglass Roofing FAQ’s

Q: What is Fibreglass Flat Roofing?

A: Fibreglass is also known as GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is a light, strong reliable material used in a variety of industries.  Many people get Fiberglass installed because GRP delivers a 30 years durability rating.  The main benefit  is the fact that it usually remains leak-free for decades.

Q: Is it possible to bone to the wax-modified resin if repairs or changes are needed to the structure?

A: Yes it is possible; you will need to clean the area entirely before sanding back the surface and then carrying out your repair.

Q: What are the difference between flow coat and Gel Coat, and can they be sprayed to create a water tight finish?

A: Flow coat is a Gel coat, with a wax in styrene additive for use as a top coat.  Gel coat can be sprayed only if it is “spray gel Coat” not a hand lay gel coat.  It is not routine practice to use a spray system for roofing applications.

Q: We have a flat a glass fibre roof with a 4’’ gutter running through the middle sloping slightly to both ends of the roof where we have drain holes.  When it rains heavily, the rainwater pools in the gutter because of the slight dip.  This is causing a leak to start in the roof.  Can you suggest a material which I could use to fill the dips and stop the water from pooling and hopefully it will drain away more quickly.

A: You will need somebody to look at this problem before commenting.  If the water has already come through the roof you might have problems that cannot be seen from outside.